Special Orders

We try to keep a large range of products in stock. However, if there is an item you require, whether for a kei truck or any other Japanese imported vehicle, we are more then happy to source the product and order it in especially for you.

Special orders are a two stage process:

  1. We contact our suppliers to confirm the product's availability and price. Once we receive that information, an invoice will be supplied to you for the price of the parts only. Once the invoice has been paid, we place the order with our supplier.
  2. Once our supplier receives your item, they will package it up and supply us with a price for shipping from Japan. We will then supply you with a second invoice for the cost of shipping. Once the invoice has been paid, our suppliers will ship the parts to us where we confirm everything is correct with your order and then send it off to you.

Please note this process generally takes about 3 weeks from the initial invoice being paid.

We are regularly shipping items from Japan. If possible, we can try and combine your order with others to reduce the cost of shipping. However, this can increase the shipping time. 

We understand you want to receive your parts as quickly as possible, and we try our best to minimise these timeframes. However, once the items have been shipped, and particularly in light of COVID-19's impact on international shipping, there may be delays to the product being shipped to us which are outside our control.

Due to the fluctuating cost of shipping, we cannot accurately provide a price for shipping until our supplier has received the items. We always look for the most economical and efficient way of getting the items to you.

Due to the nature of special orders, once they have been placed and paid for they cannot be cancelled or refunded.

If there is something you would like to special order head over to our contact us page and send us an enquiry to get your order underway.